About me
Hi,  welcome to my blog! I am excited to see you here and get you inspired. I am Petra, a 30 something Account Manager in Media and born and raised in The Netherlands.


I have a great passion and curiosity when it comes to green hotspots and I am always dying to check out “the new place in town”. Whether it’s in Amsterdam, The Netherlands or abroad.


I have listed for you: the most beautiful plant stores, great bars, amazing restaurants, sustainable hotels, city gardens, concept stores, inspirational interviews, events, you name it. All with a green character.


Sustainability, biodiversity and an ecofriendly society becomes more and more important and I love seeing companies across all industries already making ‘greener’ decisions. I believe a sustainable strategy is necessary to stay competitive today.


But what can we do ourselves? Can we make a difference as well? I have to admit, I’m still learning, but I believe we do and I would like to be your guide! 


Quick facts
At the top of my travel wish list is the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London. Now the borders are open again I will book this trip as soon as possible!
Since the lockdown I have started to focus more on my hobby photography. Now I still take all my photos with the Iphone 12 Pro, but in the future I want to switch to a real camera.
Ever since I was young I loved to write. I lived in Istanbul for several years and I also wrote a blog about hotspots in that city. I am now continuing this passion in the Netherlands.
My Spotify playlist is endless and is on repeat non-stop. I also recently discovered podcasts so they have been added to the list as well.